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Xtra Lightening Cream Simildiet

A depigmentating cream for daily use. Indicated for treatment of skin with age spots, dyschromias of hormonal or pregnancy origin and aged skin by excess exposure to sunlight

Xtra Lightening Cream SIMILDIET

Strong antioxidant power, antiradical free, collagen stimulator, skin renovator. Whitening, moisturizing and soothing.

Xtra depigmentating cream for daily use.


It is indicated for the skin treatment with age spots, skin matte with dyschromia of hormonal origin (pregnancy, menopause), by excess
of exposure to sunlight or by skin ageing and freckles.

The product is neither photosensitizing nor cytotoxic. Lightening Xtra cream can be combined with other depigmentating treatments such as peeling, lasers, cryotherapy etc. It can be used in every season and also as preventive treatment in predisposed skins and pregnancy.


Apply in the morning and at night with gentle massages into the affected area using the fingertip until its total/complete absorption. As a previous step, it is important to clean and degrease the skin.

Properties of its active principles

Nonapeptide -1:
It is biomimetic peptide that has an affinity for cellular receptors of the melanoprotein This component limits the isomorph expression of the tyrosine involved in the melanin synthesis.

B Vitamin, cofactor for depigmentating treatment and for hyperkeratosis.

Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract:
The action mechanism is by inhibition of the enzyme tyrosinase (by competition with tyrosine or -dopa).

Rumex Occidentalis Extract:
Active principle of vegetal origin with a strong inhibitory activity of the tyrosine activity.

It has a great depigmentating effect acting at two levels. On one
hand it reduces Dopaquinone to Dopa and turns the oxidized
colorless melanin into reduced not coloured melanin.

Aminoethylphosphinic Acid:
By stabilizing DOPAchrome and inhibiting the enzymatic activity of
the DOPAchrome tautomerase, thus limits the formation of melanin.

Strong inhibitor of tyrosinase and peroxidase. Great depigmentating effect.

Azelaci Acid/Salycilic Acid/ Kojic Acid:
They belong to the alpha hydroxy acid groups of copper-chelating activity and tyrosine blockers .Keratolytic, sebostatic , cosmedolytic , germicide, fungicide and bacteriostatic effect.