P-Mix Hair Removal

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P-Mix Hair Removal

Combining 3 different wavelengths to target different tissue depths giving optimal results, the Golden P-Mix works for faster, better and painless hair removal.

WIth it’s modern design and stable output, it benefits from 808nm, 755nm and 1064nm, the gold standard in laser hair removal.



P-Mix Hair Removal

Effective, safe treatment for permanent hair removal.

Treats all hair colors from black hair to light color hair & all skin types from white to the dark skin.


  • Treats all hair colours
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Short treatment sessions
  • Triple wavelength


  • High Energy Output
  • Long Pulse Width
  • Large Spot Size
  • Strong Cooling
  • Fast Speed
  • Permanent Effect


The constant temperature refrigeration module keeps the water
temperature at about 20-25 degrees, which can ensure the system to work
continuously for 48hours without stop.

Using advanced TEC and sapphire contact cooling technology, the terminal
temperature is controlled under 5 ° C, and the skin is properly cooled during the hair removal process, while ensuring the possibility of zero frostbite.

The frequency reaches 10hz, the treatment is more fast.

The treatment head display screen displays the cooling temperature
accordingly, making the operation more convenient.

Super-light handle to reduce the difficulty of the operator’s work and
increase the experience value.

Normal mode and fast mode are optional, fast hair removal can also save 5
commonly used parameters, convenient and fast.

Spiral boost connector , you can insert the treatment head easily.