Taraxacum officinale extract

Art.No : T-032

Conc (% w/w) : 2.5% pet

Molality (% w/w) : -

Series :


Taraxacum Officinale (Dandelion); Piss-a-bed; Pissenlit; Taraxinic acid 1-O-b-glucopyranoside.


Weed that grows in open fields, on prairies, in garbage dumps, etc. and spread all over the world. It is a popular folk medicine plant (laxative, diuretic, tonic, etc.). Extractives and their physically modified derivatives such as tinctures, concretes, absolutes, essential oils, oleoresins, terpenes, terpene-free fractions, distillates, residues, etc. are obtained from Taraxacum officinale. Allergenic substance is taraxin acid glucoside.*) extract. Cross: other plants within the Compositae family. ABCD.