Narcissus poeticus absolute

Art.No : N-006

Conc (% w/w) : 2.0% pet

Molality (% w/w) : -

Series :


Narcissus jonquilla l. absolute; Narcissus absolute; Narcissus spp. Absolute.


A very scarce and, partly for that reason, very rarely used perfume ingredient. The raw material for this product is made from an solvent extraction of the flowers of Narcissus poeticus. The material is a viscous, dark brown or dark orange to olive brown liquid of heavy, honey like, deep sweet floral odor with a strong green backnote and a somewhat bitter, very tenacious dryout note. The odor bears great similarity to the fragrance of longoza and tuberose and a resemblance to hyacinth. Some Perfumery Uses: Joy; Hyacinth; Jonquil; Tuberose.