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Lightening Serum SIMILDIET

The Xtra line represents a giant step forward in SIMILDIET’s dermocosmetic development. Fusing our traditional active ingredients and biomimetic peptides places us at the forefront of even the most advanced cosmeceutical companies.

By using biomimetic peptides we are acting on the innermost mechanisms of cell physiology. Biomimetic peptides
interact as biocatalyzers, they participate in or inhibit inter-cell communication, activate metabolic processes and
produce an overall biostimulation of the skin. They are structurally identical to those found in human skin which means
they can intervene in physiological mechanisms with a highly specific overall action.

Xtra Lightening Serum SIMILDIET

Teatment of skins with spots, skin matte with dyschromias of hormonal origin.

Intensive depigmentating and clarifying serum of topic use. It is based on active principles of vegetal origin mixed together with biomimetic.


It is indicated for the skin treatment with age spots, skin matte with dyschromias of hormonal origin (pregnancy, menopause), by excess of exposure to sunlight, or by skin ageing and freckles.The product is neither photosensitizing nor cytotoxic.

Ideal as part of other depigmentating treatments such as peelings, lasers, cryotherapy etc. It can be used in every season and also as preventive treatment in predisposed skins and pregnancy. As a result of
its powerful action, in sensitive skins, this serum may produce a minimum irritation sensation during the first days of the treatment. The sensation is totally acceptable and confirms the therapeutic action over the skin layer.


Apply during the morning and evening, having previously cleaned and degreased the affected area, apply with the fingertip few drops of Xtra LIGHTENING serum with soft massages until its correct absorption.

Afterwards, apply Xtra LIGHTENING cream on the whole facial area as clearing, homogenizing, and unifying of the skin tone.

Properties of its active Principles

 Vitamin C:
Antioxidant and free-radical effect. Avoids and prevents the formation of melanin. Clarifying, brings a great luminosity to the skin. Anti-ageing effect.

4- Butylresorcinol:
Strong inhibitor of the tyrosinase and peroxidase.
Great depigmenting effect.

Rumex Occidentalis Extract:
Active principle of vegetal origin with a great inhibitory power of the tyrosinase activity. It reduces the skin pigmentation and provides a whitening and  translucent effect. Increases skin brightness, softness and provides moisturisation.

Glycyrrhiza Glabra root Extract:
The action mechanism is by inhibition of the tyrosine’s enzyme (by competition with tyrosine or I-dopa).

Aminoethyrlphosphinic Acid:
Skin clearing. This component is involved in the melanogenesis process by inhibiting the activity of the DOPA-tautomerase and limiting the melanin formation.

Citrus Unshiu:
It is a melanogenesis inhibitor, clears the skin and acts depigmentating the skin spots produced due to photoaging.

Nanapeptide -1:
It is a biomimetic peptide specific from alpha-MSH(alpha-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormones) and avoids the tyrosinase activation by blocking melanin synthesis.

Bacillus Ferment:
It has a enzymatic action that eliminates dead cells while softening the skin, stimulating cell renewal , reveals a softer and healthier skin.