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LED photodynamic therapy system adopts High-intensity modules(Light—Emitting Diode), it is characterized by using special semiconductor material to emit High-intensity single— wavelength light under the action of an external electric field, LED photodynamic therapy system precisely get advantage of this feature to treat and care the skin. It emits different wavelength light through matrix—arranged different LEDs, works with specific rated power on the skin surface of different symptoms, irradiated area then acts photochemical effects, increase cell activity, stimulate cell metabolism, promote skin produce large amount of collagen and
fibrous tissue to fill itself.
At the same time, it can activate the porphyrins metabolized by Propionibacterium, induce cell death through phototoxic reaction, and quickly eliminate acne pustules, thereby achieving the effects of promoting wound healing, treating inflammatory acne and eliminating inflammation. Also be known as the “facial care expert” .


Led Photodynamic Therapy System

No invasive operation, no damage to skin cells, no side effects.


Red Light:
Deeper penetration into the skin increases peroxidase in the mitochondria, increases decomposition of adenosine triphosphate, increases protein and glycogen synthesis.

Yellow Light:
It can be quickly and effectively introduced into the subcutaneous tissue, absorbed by the red corpuscles of the cells, and produces a high-efficiency photochemical reaction—an enzymatic reaction, which improves cell activity, promotes metabolism, and improves skin immunity.

Blue Light:
It has the effect of quickly inhibiting inflammation. During the formation of acne, it is mainly caused by Propionibacterium, and blue light can efficiently destroy the bacteria without harming the skin.


  • Adopt high-power SMD matrix light source, with high arrangement density to make photoelectric conversion efficiency higher, Great irradiation intensity and more uniform light spot. Technical para meters.
  • Choosing high-power mounted on the surface of solid cold light source to make photoelectric Overall size (LxWxH) 951mm x 568mm x 1250mm conversion efficiency higher, and work more safe and reliable.
  • Set single light , two light , or three light on the same treatment system, and multiple wavelengths can Display 8″ color touch screen
    be selected to meet the needs of clinical diversification programs. LED aty 1100 pes SMD LEDS.
  • Rocker arm stand, flexible operation, easy use, the upper lifting arm can be lifted and lowered.


  • Rejuv:Red light treatments for skin rejuvenation
  • Clear:Blue light for acne treatment,Blue/red light combination for acne treatment
  • Regen:Red/infrared combination light for pain management, Adjunctive treatments(Microneedling, Microdermabrasion, Peels, Waxing, Hair transplant care)


  • Do not wear earrings, necklaces and other accessories to avoid reflection of light.
  • The operator should have certain knowledge and experience in phototherapy. Self-treatment should be performed under the guidance of
    a doctor or expert. The attending doctor or expert should implement regular follow—up monitoring.
  • Customers and phototherapy personnel must wear special protective glasses before starting treatment.