Genyal200 Body Filler 1x10ml

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Genyal200 Body Filler

The Filler for a Perfect Body Reshaping

Genyal 200 is an innovative, implantable medical device, composed of hyaluronic acid and designed to noticeably re-sculpt the body. With Genyal 200, it is possible to give shape to the buttocks, calves and in general, any area of the body where an increase in adipose tissue is appropriate.

Genyal200 Benefits

It is now possible to reshape the body in a natural and trustable way with Genyal 200, is biocompatible and can be reassimilated. It is long-lasting, thus you can transform the appearance of your body with a process that is fast and temporary, after which you can return to work within a very short time, avoiding the scars and risks of prosthetic implants through surgical operations using that may even use total anaesthesia.

It is recommended to use a 16G or 18G cannula.



-Depressions and asymmetries correction,

-Remodelling Body Profile.

CONTENT: 1x10ml