Ferulic Peel

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Ferulic Peel SIMILDIET

Skins aged by sun, wind, weather conditions and tobacco, devitalized skin, dull skin and skin lacking in luminosity / rough skin.

Sensitive skin with microcirculatory alterations, highly reactive with small or dilated superficial veins.

Ferulic Peel SIMILDIET

Great antioxidant moisturizing and anti-aging power. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen.


Ferulic acid:
It is obtained from several vegetables: rice,
wheat, oats, etc. Antioxidant, photoprotector,
homogenising and depigmenting effect. Inhibits elastase,
favouring the elastin synthesis. Improves the skin texture
as well as its luminosity.

Lactic acid:
It is obtained from fermented milk. Deep
keratolytic, hydrating, toning effect. Cleanser.

Malic acid:
It is obtained from apples. Keratolytic and soft
exfoliant as well as hydrating. Effective anti-aging and
homogenising agent.


Cleansing and degreasing the skin with Simildiet Micellar water and
Degreasing lotion.

Apply the Ferulic peel to the entire area (face, neck, hands, decolleté)
in several consecutive even layers. The aim is to obtain a white mask caused by the crystallization of the ferulic acid. Appy 1.5 ml per session approximately. Neutralize with plenty of cold water, soaking towels or sponges and dry properly.

Avoid sun exposure. Apply Simildiet Sunscreen protection factor 50 every 2/3 hours.


  • Skin aged by exposure to the sun, wind,outdoors and tobacco.
  • Skin without vitality and luminosity, dull , lifeless, rough.
  • Sensitive skin


It is a non-aggressive treatment so its frequency can be initially weekly for four weeks. Subsequently its frequency will be fortnightly and we will establish a monthly ,”maintenance” treatment.


Alcohol denat., Aqua, Ferulic acid (8%), Malic acid (5%),Citric acid (5%), Lactic acid (5%), Hydroxyethylcellulose, Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl alcohol, Potassium sorbate.


The recommended application frequency is every 7-15 days.
The Ferulic peel can be used in integral profesional treatments combined with: Xtra Face Antiaging Vials, Xtra Lightening Vials, Basic Organic Silicon or Basic Idebedone.


Apply XTRA FACE ANTIAGING CREAM morning and evening as moisturizing and anti-aging treatment .We recommend the application of SIMIL CARE mask three times a week that will provide great hydration and nutrition to the skin. Leave it 20 to 30 minutes and do not remove it, gently massage until its total absorption.