Art.No : C-020

Conc (% w/w) : 20.0% pet

Molality (% w/w) : -

CAS : 8050-09-7

Series :


Colophony; Disproportionated rosin; Gum rosin; Wood rosin; Pine rosin.


Yellow resin in the production of varnishes, printing inks, paper, soldering fluxes, greases, cutting fluids, glue tackifiers, adhesives, surface coatings, polish, insulations, waxes, cosmetics (mascara, rouge, eye shadow), topical medicaments, shoes, violin bow rosin, clay, athletic grip aid, pine oil cleansers. Component in dental impression materials and periodontal packings. Cross: balsam Peru, dihydroabietyl alcohol, wood tars. ABCD. ICU.