When you are traveling, your daily skin care routine sometimes gets forgotten. You may be exposed to different weather and environmental conditions and may eat a variety of foods. All of these factors may affect your skin while traveling.


In response to many questions we constantly receive about the most popular machine currently on the market, Lasershape, we have decided to put together some answers for all of these questions.

You may have read one of our previous posts on losing weight using other methods, so if you’re still not convinced, we’re adding another solution to many options available and it’s called Ultrasound RF Fat Cavitation Therapy. Sounds pretty tecky right?

It’s getting warmer out there which probably means it’s time to start going sleeveless (gasp!). But then you may look at your skin and think…. Am I really ready to show that off? We can help you get ready with 3 simple ways to prepare your skin for the warmer months to come.

So, we know it’s the season where we’re all anxious about our summer bodies, looking up the quickest way to lose weight and running off to the gym.

But what is it REALLY that we need to get rid of? Weight or fat?

If you know anything about Dermal Fillers, you'll know that there are many brands out there and you're probably thinking it's just another injectable. However, not all fillers are created equally. Neauvia, present in more than 70 countries worldwide, is the main licensor of Matex Lab: the filler and cosmeceutical company headquartered in Lugano, with subsidiaries in Italy and Poland.Are their fillers safe? We answer all your questions.....