Meet The Team

Meet The Team



Demetris Tzieslis

Demetris is the founder and Managing Director of Innosoul Medical and is actively responsible for directing all aspects of company strategy, planning and operations.

After graduating with a Business & Marketing degree from the European University Cyprus Demetris went on to work as a Medical Representative for a pharmaceutical company in Greece before setting up Innosoul Medical in 2011.

One of his biggest achievements is being one of the first companies to officially present PDO Lifting Threads to Greece and Cyprus back in 2013.

Demetris is a huge Martial Arts fan, a music enthusiast and an all round animal lover…..oh, er, he’s right here…shhhhh we’ll tell you the rest later!



Mariam-Francesca Sarrou

Mariam-Francesca is the Marketing Coordinator at Innosoul Medical where she is responsible for the marketing department. On a mission to promote brand awareness she is focused on creating social media content, digital advertising, photography and all things web.

Being born and raised in London, UK, Mariam has worked in the property sector for a top end London estate agent where she was referred to as a ‘stalwart’ and is also a qualified ESL teacher.

Mariam chases the sun, sea and sand and enjoys sightseeing. She is a passionate 80's music fan and a modest pianist. When not working Mariam can be found painting, crocheting or testing out some crazy idea she had that morning in the shower!



Magda Papanastasiou

Magda is originally from Poland but has been in Cyprus for over 10 years working in Logistics.

She is the Head of Administration here at Innosoul Medical and manages the day-to-day activities that are related to record keeping, billing, product distribution and logistics. So we can thank her for....well...pretty much everything! (Thanks Magda!)

Apart from watching 'golden oldie' films while munching on anything edible, Magda enjoys travelling the world and is a sucker for heels. She is a firm believer that “good shoes take you to good places”.



Gregory Tzieslis

Gregory has been with the company since the offset, so yes, along with his brother Demetris, they are both part of the furniture!

After graduating from the Frederick University with a Graphic Design & Marketing degree, Gregory has a very impressive CV; campaigning and advertising for some established and worldwide brands and companies (as much as you want to know which ones, unfortunately we can’t disclose that here!)

He eventually came out of the marketing industry and became a Sales Manager for a Russian Internet Security firm where his aptitude for sales really shined.

And so, when Innosoul Medical was established, Gregory decided to throw in the towel and hop on board to work with his brother and the rest is history!

Apart from the usual hobbies of swimming and travel, Gregory was involved in Jeet Kun Do for 12 years and now does free climbing, hiking and plays basketball. He has an interest in nature and wildlife and believes that whatever you do in life, do it with love and smiles. (Cute, right?)



Soteres Molfetas

Soteres immediately began a career in sales after his studies in Italy. He worked his way up to management and his longest held position was as a Sales Manager for 19 years. Specifically, within the pharmaceutical trade, he was the Regional Sales Manager for Northern Greece before coming to Innosoul Medical.

Sotiris is also a certified Kick Boxing and Personal Trainer (I know – we couldn’t believe it either!) and he ran his own club for 15 years up until recently.

Having a soft spot for animals but dogs in particular, Sotiris owns a Rottweiler who he absolutely adores.

All in all, we like to refer to Sotiris as ‘the logical one’, being as open minded as he is.

His dream is to pack it all up and travel the world. He enjoys learning languages and speaks fluent Italian – his English however is very limited so he won’t be able to read this. (*grins*)