Top 10 Travel Skin Care Tips For Your Summer Holidays

When you are traveling, your daily skin care routine sometimes gets forgotten. You may be exposed to different weather and environmental conditions and may eat a variety of foods. All of these factors may affect your skin while traveling.

The Changing Air

Remember that your skin breaks out when it lacks moisture, so whether you are traveling by plane or the place you are traveling to is dry, it is going to affect your skin. Additionally, if you often forget to drink water, this dehydrates your skin further.

A Change In Your Skin Care Routine

You may find that while traveling, it can be almost impossible to stick to your skin care routine religiously. You may not have time to wash your face properly and when your skin is not clean, the dead skin cells accumulate on the surface leading to uneven skin tone and breakouts.

Changes In Skin Care Products

Although those small little skin care products provided by hotels are there to make life easier, they don’t address specific skin problems and may not be designed to suit your skin type and sometimes using them will only lead to breakouts.

A Change In Your Schedule

While traveling, your sleep and wake up cycle becomes unpredictable, hence you might not be able to follow your usual skin care routine.

The good news is that there are solutions to all of these travel skin care worries. You don’t need to invest in products, all you need to do is tweak your routine and take only the ‘must have’products.

Here’s how:

  1. Carry Facial Wipes

These are your best option if you don’t want to use cleansers provided by your accommodators and they can be used anywhere!

  1. Carry A Facial Mist Spray

This is a must have for everyone – whether it’s a short weekend break or a long holiday. It is hydrating and will keep your skin fresh throughout your trip. It’s especially helpful if you have dry and combination skin or traveling to a colder climate.

  1. Carry Your Favourite Facial Cleanser

Believe it or not, facial cleansers are more important than serums and under eye creams. This makes sure that at the end of the day, your skin is clear from dirt, pollutions and impurities. Unclean skin is a strict no-no!

  1. Don’t forget moisturizer!

A good face moisturizer helps maintain your skin’s health. Keeping it hydrated, which prevents breakouts and issues caused by dryness. If you are traveling by plane remember to use before boarding as the air inside planes is drying and can damage your skin.

  1. Don’t Skip the SPF

Ask anyone which product they can’t go without and they will tell you the secret – a good sunscreen!

  1. Pack Some Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are lightweight and don’t take up any extra baggage space. An excellent alternative for creams and serums that you may miss while traveling!

  1. Avoid Touching Your Face Often

Keeping your hands off your face helps minimize breakouts. You might pick up unknown bacteria that can cause multiple skin issues. Remember to wash your hands with an antibacterial hand wash as much as possible.

  1. Lay Off The Makeup

It is better to stick to your daily day cream and SPF to let your skin breathe. This is because the changing weather conditions and atmosphere may cause break outs.

  1. Carry A Good Eye Cream

If you are constantly battling eye puffiness, carry a good under eye cream with you. You may also wrap crushed ice in a washcloth as an alternative which will rejuvenate your eyes immediately.

  1. Don’t Compromise On Beauty Sleep

Not getting enough sleep while traveling can make your skin more prone to issues.

We all want to look good on holiday and for those snaps so if you take good care of your skin while traveling, you won’t need to rely on foundation to make your skin look and feel good.

Follow these simple tips to avoid worrying about your skin during your trip!

Happy Holidays!

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